After many years of working as a pharmacist, I noticed an alarming and substantial rise in the number of sleep medications being dispensed to my patients. In the United States today, nearly 10 million people take prescription sleep medications.  I developed a passion for improving the sleep experience of my patients, without the use of addictive sleep medications.  The need to help my patients drove me to action.  Through hard work and inspiration, I found the answer - The MyGel Hybrid Mattress, which aids my patients in getting a restful night of sleep reducing the need for prescription intervention.  

The MyGel Hybrid Mattress is the perfect blend of cool gel, memory foam and pocketed innerspring coils.  The mattress will ship in a box directly to your front door! Also included with your mattress is a washer-safe, removable cover!  I am so certain you will love this mattress that I am offering it risk free for 100 nights! If you are not happy, we will have a local charity pick up the mattress and give you a full refund.

In addition to offering this sleep-friendly mattress, I am offering an all natural essential oil as an extra option for a medication-free sleep environment.  My essential oil, Be Rested™, is available through our website along with a modern diffuser to help you obtain the perfect night's rest.  

An important mission of my company is to increase public awareness of the tremendous health benefits of a restful nights sleep.  Those benefits include, but are  not limited to, improving the immune system response, restoring cardiovascular health, reducing stress and inflammation, improving memory, aid in controlling weight issues, reducing the chance of diabetes and helping elevate mood.  

I am excited to start this sleep journey with you and hope you enjoy these products as much as I enjoy being able to offer them to you.  

I live in the Texas Hill Country area with my wife Marla, my son Isaiah and our border terrier Heidi.   If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at

Be active.  Be healthy.  Be rested.   


Joseph DeBons, PharmD

Mattress2UrDoor owner